Fire – A Concept Fire is a chemical reaction involving rapid oxidation or burning of fuel. It needs three elements to occur.

– Fuel: Fuel can be any combustible material- solid, liquid or gas. Most solids and liquids become a vapor or gas before they will burn.

– Oxygen: The air we breathe is about 21 percent oxygen. Fire only needs an atmosphere with at least 16% percent oxygen.

– Heat: Heat is the energy necessary to increase the temperature of the fuel to a point where sufficient vapors are given off for ignition to occur.

A chain reaction can occur when the three elements of fire are present in the proper conditions and proportion. Fire occurs when this rapid oxidation, or burning takes place. Take any one of these factors away, and the fire cannot occur or will be extinguished if it was already burning.

There are two ways of fire solution: Organize
• Pre fire solution- fire detection & alarm only
• Post fire solution- fire detection & suppression or fighting

While electronic surveillance is a very powerful technology and has yielded tremendous results in investigations and securing environments.

CCTV is the vital tool to combat Intrusion. Cameras can be placed anywhere within the public areas of the systems, conspicuously or covertly.

Basic modern cameras have the ability to zoom, Pivot & rotate, focus on the object & people. Their video output can be passively monitored & recorded for the review at later time or actively monitored in real time. Surveillance solutions can be implemented with analogue cameras, IP cameras with fiber / wired connectivity or with wireless connectivity also. It has got wide usage like indoor surveillance, outdoor surveillance, Under Vehicle Surveillance etc. Logical advancements are intelligent Video Analytics, Command & Control.